Easier than ever to implement and adapt for variable speed applications with the highest levels of energy efficiency!

Emerson industrial Automation has led the energy efficiency market for many years and aims to provide ever more effective, ergonomic and modular drive systems.

Dyneo® combines Emerson’s permanent magnet solutions for variable speed drives and synchronous motor technologies. These solutions are the outcome of tried and trusted technology with over 15 years of experience and the largest industrial base installed worldwide. Dyneo® delivers reliability, robustness, a wide range of options, flexible adaptation, easy commissioning and a short return on investment.

Our latest developments offer users simplicity of installation equivalent to an IEC induction motor. Continuing with the proven design of Dyneo® solutions, the product portfolio has recently been completed by a series of permanent magnet synchronous motors (LSRPM – 1500 rpm), that are directly mechanically interchangeable with all standard IEC 34-30-1 motors (frame size, flange, shaft end). This new variant immediately offers a premium energy efficient solution without modifying existing IEC equipment. Easy integration comes with two economic advantages, as the financial savings generated for installation are combined with financial savings for operation, which grow over the life cycle of the motor.

A compact range, significantly smaller and lighter, is also available to offer even more flexibility at the customer’s site. This variant is particularly appreciated by equipment manufacturers as it reduces dimensions and optimizes machines, simplifying lifting resources and reducing transport costs.

A permanent magnet motor must be controlled with an electronic variable speed drive, it is therefore essential for the assembly, commissioning and configuration of the overall set-up to be as simple as possible.

This has been achieved thanks to Dyneo® solutions, that incorporate total sensorless control mode for most process applications (pumps, compressors, fans, boosters, centrifuges, separators, etc.). The motor control is optimized, without a position feedback and connecting cable to the drive. Potential disturbance due to the motor encoder or feedback connections are therefore eliminated, once again reinforcing the reliability of the motor & drive package.

Emerson Dyneo® solutions LSRPM (IP55) / PLSRPM (IP23) permanent magnet motors are perfectly matched with Emerson variable speed drive ranges: Powerdrive F300 (IP20 drives to be integrated in the unit or cabinet for ventilation, pumping and compression applications), Powerdrive MD2 (complete IP21 or IP54 solutions ready to use for process applications) and Unidrive M (IP20 drives to be integrated in the unit or cabinet for all other applications), that are easy to integrate and quick to configure thanks to software and firmware specifically designed for the Dyneo solution motor.

A motor-drive assembly from a single manufacturer offers the assurance of optimum performance thanks to components designed to operate together, along with the global guarantee of a single point of contact, from technical specifications through installation and after-sales service to maintenance.

Dyneo® solutions offer rapid returns on investment as well as one of the best overall ownership costs on the market.

Dyneo® motor technology:

This motor with robust mechanical design uses the same components as the induction motor, however, unlike the latter, the Dyneo® motor’s magnetic flux is not developed by the stator but is directly created from a set of permanent magnets inserted in the rotor. With an AC induction motor, the speed of rotation of the rotor is slower than the stator frequency. With the Dyneo® motor, the magnetic flux remains synchronized with the frequency induced by the stator. Rotor losses for the induction motor represent almost one third of total losses, whereas the rotor losses for the Dyneo® motor are negligible. At rated speed, motors in the Dyneo® range achieve efficiency levels equivalent to IE4 or NEMA Super Premium, which are therefore well above high-efficiency induction motors. This efficiency gap becomes even more significant when operating at less than rated speed, which is often the case in variable speed applications! The payback time compared to a conventional solution is usually very short.

By maintaining the position of the stator at 90° to the magnetic flux at all times, the Dyneo® solution guarantees optimal torque over the whole speed range, with no de-rating or forced ventilation, and can achieve speeds of around 5500 rpm, demonstrably higher than traditional technologies. This solution is particularly effective for applications requiring high torque at high speeds.

Motors in the Dyneo® range are designed to rotate faster than induction motors, allowing the motor speed to be adapted to that of the driven machine, thus eliminating transmission devices such as gearboxes.

The Dyneo® LSRPM motor is modular: set-up with feet, flanges, smooth or threaded holes and many associated options to simplify the installation.

Dyneo® solutions meet all environmental requirements while attempting to optimise productivity and satisfy the need for savings faced by most industries, regardless of the application (fluid management, belt systems, extrusion, transformation, generators, etc.).

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